Baritone Blues Mastery

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15 Baritone Blues Lessons with a Step by Step Instruction

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Baritone Blues Mastery Course


The Baritone Blues Mastery course is going to transform the way you play and understand music. A solid foundation and understanding of the Blues is one of the most important things you can do for your musicianship and playing. This one course will not only improve your technique, knowledge, and enjoyment of the Baritone ukulele but you will see and hear markable growth in your playing. The knowledge you will learn will not only help you become Baritone Blues Master but It will also make you better at your strumming, rhythm, technique, feel, and confidence.



The first and one of the most important this course will teach you is how to smoothly weave between the Swing Rhythm and the Straight Rhythm. This one thing will bridge missing piece to your overall understanding of music. When you learn this you will learn what makes the Blues the Blues, what makes Rock music Rock Music, what makes Jazz music Jazz music..

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"Becoming a Blues Master will help your playing shine, no matter what style of music you play"

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Why is the Blues so important? 


Blues has been around for over a century and has been the #1 style of music that has influenced everything you listen to. Blues was also the leading force that helped artists like Elvis, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard create Rock and Roll in the early 1950’s. These amazing artists took what the Blues greats like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and T-Bone Walker were doing and transformed it into Rock and Roll. Since the 1950’s Rock and Roll then helped influence the creation of hundreds of different styles of music from Reggae, Soul, Surf, Alternative, and Pop music.

As you can see, becoming a Blues Master will help your playing shine no matter what style of music you play. Whether you are new to the Blues or have already embraced this amazing style this course will transform the way you look at and play the Blues.


The Blues Form

The 12 Bar Blues is the heart and soul of Blues music. Sound simple? Can you count 12 measures? Of course you can but this course will teach you how to internalize the 12 Bar Blues so you start playing with your soul and not just your head.


Like most styles of music, a strong sense of rhythm is key to becoming a Blues Master. When you got though this course you will be amazed on how you’re rhythm will be solid as a rock, with no more speeding up or slowing down with you play.

Ear Training

As a musician and ukulele player having a good ear is not just a good idea but required. Though the simplicity of the Blues you will start to hear when you to switch chords so you will not only hear when you’re lost but also show you how to get back on track.


The key to being a great baritone ukulele player is confidence. The only way to get confidence is to practice the right things and the right way. This course will show you the right things and the right way to practice to master the Baritone Blues.


As you go through this course you will start to see improvement instant improvement in your strength, dexterity and smoothness in your hands, fingers, and playing.

Play with musician anywhere in the world

The Blues is one of the most recognizable forms of music in the world. I have never been to a country, city or town where a musician, professional or amateur couldn’t play a Blues. 


Learning all the things above is important but it doesn’t mean much if you don’t have fun. I guarantee that we are going to have a blast in this course.

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Walt Davis

"Again, thanks for the great instruction you provide.  It has really helped me  physically (and mentally) get back to life.  I had turned into a couch potato and was feeling sorry for myself because of my physical challenges, but now with my interest in the ukulele I feel better and better every day!"

Colleen Carroll

"Literally was perfect. The videos were short but not too short. Kept my attention, gave me direction and practice but I could squeeze one in if I only had a few minutes. The pacing was great. The clarity was excellent in terms of being able to see what you’re doing as well as your explanations. It was fun. I loved that we learned a little about the chords, the strumming and reading music. It was appropriately repetitive where needed but not too repetitive. It wasn’t stressful but relaxing tho made me want to put effort into getting better and remembering the chords..."

Peter Bailey

“Being the person you are,  you are able to inspire us all in your teachings just by being you. I feel very fortunate to have become one of your students, you are helping me to become a musician, maybe not the best but the best I can become. I, like other members of ULTP I’m sure,  look forward to what you have in store for us this year, hopefully we will inspire others to join us and realise their dreams to become musicians.”


Will Peralta

David Lowe

Mary J. Wisniewski