Guitarlele Blues Mastery Course

More than 15 Lessons

More than 15 Guitarlele Blues Lessons with a Step by Step Instruction

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You will have access to download the backing tracks and sheet music of each lesson.


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Guitarlele Blues Mastery Course


In the Guitarlele Blues Mastery course you are going to learn how to play all styles of Blues rhythm, fingerstyle, and picking on this wonderful six-string instrument called the guitarlele.

You are going to explore all the techniques and tools that you need to become a Guitarlele Blues Master. You are going to learn Blues Shuffle, Walking Blues, Blues Rock, Fingerstyle Blues, Boogie Woogie Blues, Jump Blues, Country Blues, Slow Blues, Jazz Blues, Blues Scales, and Blues Soloing.


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"Becoming a Blues Master will help your playing shine, no matter what style of music you play"

Get more than 15 amazing video lessons that will teach you the blues fundamentals

You will get all the printable material so you can practice at home anytime.

Now you can play like a professional with the downloadable music. 

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Guitarlele Blues Mastery Course


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Steve and Cindy McIlvaine

“We met Terry in San Diego when we were in the area visiting our son. Terry took the time to meet with us and introduced Cindy to his Koaloha guitarlele which she fell in love with. She had developed some arthritis in her left hand which made it difficult to still play the guitar. The guitarlele was the perfect replacement…still the volume of six strings but much more manageable and comfortable in her hand. We saved our pennies and bought one from Terry a few months later. Our experience with Terry and his ULTP team has been top tier! We have taken several of his courses and highly recommend them. His teaching style is encouraging, kind, and incremental. Each lesson has had just enough material to challenge us to keep moving forward becoming more proficient on each of our instruments. Thankful to be part of the ULTP family!”

Susan Montgomery

"I'm so excited to learn the Blues on this amazingly unique instrument. Terry's teaching style is thorough, expansive, and his energy matches my enthusiasm for learning about the Guitarlele. He inspires me to play this instrument beautifully and it's such a joy to pick it up, knowing that he's guiding me through the learning process, step by step, so I can really achieve a mastery level of understanding."

Jim Henkel, a.k.a. Guitarlele Grampa 

Guitarlele Blues Mastery!  Wow!  I’m excited to get started on this new adventure with Terry Carter.  I just received my second guitarlele purchased from Terry’s  I enjoy learning to play this six-string, A-to-A tuned marvel, from Terry’s great courses, his step-by-step teaching style, and his enthusiastic encouragement.  I know from experience, that Terry will walk you through each skill needed to truly master the blues on your guitarlele.  You will be glad to get the blues down cold with Terry Carter’s Guitarlele Blues Mastery!  Don’t be left feeling blue!  Come, master the blues with Terry!  I’m coming too!"