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Beginning Ukulele Bootcamp Course

This course is perfect for the absolute beginner! Learn all your essential chords and master important strum patterns


  • Types of Ukuleles
  • Parts of the Ukulele
  • Holding the Uke
  • Ukulele String Names
  • High G vs. Low G
  • How To Strum
  • The Essentials
  • Simple Rhythms
  • Lesson 01: C Chord - Whole Notes
  • Lesson 02: Amin Chord - Half Notes
  • Lesson 03: F Chord - Quarter Notes
  • Lesson 04: G Chord Quarter & Half Notes
  • Lesson 05: C Chord - All Rhythms
  • Lesson 06: C - A minor Progression
  • Lesson 07: A minor - F Progression
  • Lesson 08: C - G Progression
  • Lesson 09: C - G - A minor - F Progression
  • Lesson 10: C - A minor - F - G Progression
  • Lesson 11: C - E minor - A minor - F Progression
  • Lesson 12: C - Aminor - F - Dminor Progression
  • Lesson 13: C - F - D minor - G7 Progression
  • Lesson 14: C - F - G7 Eighth Notes
  • Lesson 15: Seventh Chords


  • High Definition Videos
  • Downloadable Slow / Fast Backing Tracks
  • Printable Sheet Music/TAB
  • One-Time Payment
  • Lifetime Access
  • Money-Back Guarantee

 Learn from Terry's 30 years of teaching experience and become the ukulele player that you know you can be. What do you have to lose?

What People Are Saying:

Hi Terry, from down under. I'm really glad you put this together. I have resisted learning music properly, always preferring to "just play", but now I am playing in five different ukulele groups, and I find that to "play well with others" you really have to know the timing and keep to time, be able to read both music and tabs, and be able to strum in time with everyone else. Metronomes and backing tracks are essentials. So, congratulations on producing yet another great course, and I look forward to making my way through it......slowly, as ever. Keep going until you master it, then you too can "Uke Like the Pros".

Bruce Walsh

If your serious about playing the Ukulele then the website is the DB's. It's structured, professional and fun. Just makes me want to learn more. Terry I wish you all the success in the world, and thank you for sharing your expertise with us. Absolutely Brilliant !!

Ian Trotter