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Guitarlele For Ukulele & Guitar Players

First of its kind complete course for guitarlele.

Step-by-step course includes: 

  • Over 35 instructional guitarlele videos
  • Downloadable killer slow and fast play-a-long tracks.
  • Printable easy to read sheet music and TAB
  • Downloadable videos to watch anywhere.
  • Confidence you are learning the proper way
    • Strumming Fundamentals
    • Essential Songs
    • Fingerstyle
    • Advanced Songs
    • The Blues
    • Scales

Video Testimonial:

What People Are Saying:

“Once upon a time this keyboard player strongly desired to learn how to play the guitar but I found most guitars too BIG and Bulky and painful to play! I tried the Ukulele but I found most of them to be too small and I also still craved the lower end sound and of a guitar! While on my Quest to find the Perfect stringed instrument. A Guitarlele leapt into my world! But as I searched YouTube and the Internet I couldn't find any tutorials on how to play this gorgeous instrument. Then out of nowhere I came across Terry Carter via Uke like the Pros on YouTube and saw he was offering a Guitarlele course! Well the rest is BLISStory! I'm following my Bliss more and more each time I go through one of the Amazing Lessons in my Guitaleke Course! Terry this course is. Godsend for me! My cup runneth over with Joy, bliss, beauty, learning, creativity and Fun! I wake up and go to sleep thinking about what I'm going to learn next! ”

Roylin (aka JoyRoy)