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Uke Like The Pros Forum

Welcome to the Uke Like The Pros Forum. This is a free and public ukulele forum where you can:

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What People Are Saying:

I have been playing the Uke for about 4 years now and  found Terry Carter @UkeLikethePros a couple of years ago when he was doing a video a day. I now consider myself to be playing at an Intermediate level I can now play a lot of chords, transpose Keys, play and sing together, write chord progressions for songs, play scales and apply finger-picking patterns. I had looked at a lot of other online resources and still use some of those (Cynthia Lin and Ukulele Underground) but signed up and paid cash for ULTP membership as well. This has been money very well spent and is (relatively) inexpensive compared to face to face lessons. Apart from excellent, structured tutorials for learning posture, chords, picking, strumming and different styles of music (Blues, Jazz) the main thing that made ULTP stand out for me was the music theory courses.   I have completed (or am still doing) these courses which provide an important baseline for me to be able to now play in groups / ensembles and develop skills to do instrumentals / solos. The weekly meetings are great (even though I don't usually attend because it's broadcast in the middle of the night in Australia) I can catch up by reviewing the video. There is always something new on offer (techniques, gear, sight playing) and it provides an opportunity to answer specific questions and engage with other members. The trial membership offers and plenty of material that he has released so you can assess the quality of his instruction before you commit $$. Bear in mind that Terry has constantly improved the quality of his videos and conferencing interactions since the early days so the more recent posts are your best indication of what is now on offer (if you see him in his beach gear then its one from early days). Highly recommend him to any beginners or Intermediate aspirants .... let me know if you've found anyone better

Garry Wood