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The Circle of 5ths - Workshop

Watch the amazing - and first time made in ULTP -  Workshop: The Circle Of 5ths!

2 Hour Ukulele Workshop that will cover:

  • Understanding the keys
  • Key Signatures
  • Chords that go Along with the Keys
  • Scales
  • Q&A 

This workshop is for All levels, even if you're a total beginner. You will also receive downloadable material and handouts. 

What People Are Saying:

Thanks again Terry. I'm a firm believer that whatever our career is, we can really change lives. It's how we interact with each other. You do such a great job of this. You happen to have a career that is around the one thing most people wake up to; drive around with; spice up parties with; lounge around with; celebrate to and fall asleep to: MUSIC. They are around it ALL DAY LONG. Now they can CREATE IT. How awesome is that?!?! You are spreading the power and love of music. I was telling my wife last night that when I get some songs just right a tear almost comes to my eye because it sounds so beautiful and there is power in creating powerful music. You do that for THOUSANDS of people. I hope you remember the power of your work. It's about the impact on souls not just well produced notes. Thank you for that!

John F

Greetings Terry! I'm pretty new to the ukulele and am so happy that I stumbled upon your website. I've learned more in the last week of being a Premium Member, than in the last few months of trying to figure it out on my own by watching YouTube! I'm really enjoying your easy approach and teaching style. Thank you Terry. I appreciate that you are making yourself accessible for all us newbies with such rudimentary questions. And again, thank you for offering such great, detailed, easy to follow courses that even a no previous musical knowledge total beginner like me can understand and follow. Cheers!

Linda Jones