Baritone Ukulele Chord Melody Mastery Course + FREE UKULELE $97

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Baritone Ukulele Chord Melody Mastery Course + FREE UKULELE

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Ever wondered how to make your baritone ukulele sound like an entire orchestra? With our Chord Melody Mastery Course, you'll learn to combine melodies with chords to achieve just that. Perfect for both beginners and intermediate players, this course will guide you through eight amazing songs plus a bonus track!

Each lesson's designed to slowly build up your skills, making it fun and easy to get those pieces sounding just right on your ukulele.

Our platform's super easy to use, meaning you can jump into lessons whenever you've got a moment—morning, noon, or night. It's all about making progress at your own pace, in your own space. Forgot how to play a certain part? No worries. Just replay the lesson. It's like having your teacher on-call, ready whenever you are.

With the purchase of this course, you'll also receive a FREE Kala Uke Like The Pros JT Ukulele Soprano Long Neck valued at $99.99 or UPGRADE to:

  • JT Concert
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What You'll Achieve:

  • Master techniques to enhance melody with chords.
  • Stretch your technical skills, timing, and rhythm.
  • Gain confidence and learn new, unique chords.
  • Obtain performance-ready pieces to showcase your skills.


  • Lesson 01 - What is Chord Melody?
  • Lesson 02 - Ode to Joy
  • Lesson 03 - Happy Birthday
  • Lesson 04 - Will The Circle Be Unbroken?
  • Lesson 05 - Red River Valley
  • Lesson 06 - Aloha Oe
  • Lesson 07 - Amazing Grace
  • Lesson 08 - Aura Lee
  • Lesson 09 - Simple Gifts

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  • High Definition Videos
  • Downloadable Slow / Fast Backing Tracks
  • Printable Sheet Music/TAB
  • One-Time Payment
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  • Money-Back Guarantee




What People Are Saying:

Terry you are a supercharged music entity..Holy cow .. I'll be getting in on that course for sure..I have 3 great Ponos now ...they all sound different ..Just want to thank you was fortunate tonight to get some strumming practise in and I have to say I was a counter before but your approach has really improved my ability to maintain tempo which previously I would get lost in.I like the challenge of finger style but in order to not drive my wife crazy looks like your strumming help may prevent a

Wayne Stills

I am so glad I found your site! I probably spend at least 4 hours a day watching your lessons and practicing. I'm still at the beginning stage but it gives me a lot to look forward too and I have spent a year jumping around on YouTube trying to find someone who could teach me how to play in a way that I could follow. (I don't know how to read music but now I am learning )You really are an amazing teacher and I truly appreciate your willingness to share your talents!!

Sue Lofgren

Being the person you are,  you are able to inspire us all in your teachings just by being you. I feel very fortunate to have become one of your students, you are helping me to become a musician, maybe not the best but the best I can become. I, like other members of ULTP I’m sure,  look forward to what you have in store for us this year, hopefully we will inspire others to join us and realise their dreams to become musicians.

Peter Bailey