Music reading is the most important thing you can do as a musician.

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Not being able to read music is the single thing that is holding your playing back. 

You know deep down that you need to read Music, yet most you don’t do it. 

I know what you are thinking.  I just want to strum some chords and play my favorite song. 

What if I told you that if you could read music, that you would play chords and strum your favorite songs better than you ever have before?

I can already hear the doubts creeping into your mind, yet what I’m telling you is 100% true and I believe this to my core.

Choose any instrument you want: flute, violin, saxophone, clarinet, voice, trumpet, etc. Can you tell me the first thing each one of these instruments learns how to do?

You guessed it. They learn how to read music. The first thing a band teacher does with every beginning student is put a piece of sheet music in front of them and they start reading.

If you ever took a class with me or study with me privately you would read music, wheather you were totally new to it or if you been reading for a while. It is something that I have always stressed with all my students. As a result, my students have seen more progress in their playing in a shorter amount of time.

Maybe you learned how to do some basic music reading in the past, but the reality is that the music reading muscle gets weaker unless you use it, so start using it. 

How freeing would it be if you could pick up any music notation book and read the music?  I’m not talking about looking at the chords and strumming along. Anyone with a little talent and effort can do that, but we don’t want to just be anybody. We want to be extraordinary.

I’m talking about looking at and playing that melody. I’m talking about sight reading it one time and playing each note, rhythm, dynamic, articulation, and tempo perfectly. I’m talking about making music.

Free yourself from needing TAB to read or having to spend hours looking at a piece of music and trying to figure out where to play each note.

It’s an amazing feeling knowing that I can take any piece of music, wheather it’s a vocal melody, a flute song, or even a piano arrangement and play it like the composer meant it to be played.

You do not have to have any prior knowledge or ability of music reading to succeed in this course. I will start at the very beginning and show you everything you need to know to become a music reading master.

This course will teach you:

  1. To read music in the open position of the ukulele
  2. Available to anyone that has a soprano, concert or tenor ukulele with a high G string.
  3. Has a section bonus section for reading on a ukulele with a low G.
  4. Over 45 Instructional videos shot in 4K.
  5. Printable sheet music for every lesson.
  6. Downloadable slow and fast backing tracks to practice on your own.
  7. Music written by Terry Carter especially for you the aspiring ukulele player along with classics like Ode To Joy, Amazing Grace, Aura Lee, and Wildwood Flower.
  8. The notes on the ukulele neck by expanding your range up the neck.
  9. A confidence that will pour over into your other playing.
  10. Develop a solid sense of tempo and feel that will leave other ukulele players talking about.

"I particularly appreciate your approach to teaching reading music without using tabs. I find that tabs, while making playing melodies easier, they delay learning to play reading the notes."

Uke Like The Pros Member
John Randice

"I have resisted learning music properly, always preferring to "just play", but now I am playing in five different ukulele groups, and I find that to "play well with others" you really have to know the timing and keep to time, be able to read both music and tabs, and be able to strum in time with everyone else. Metronomes and backing tracks.....essentials. "

Uke Like The Pros Member
Bruce Walsh


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