Ukulele Chord Mania “G” Chord EASY UKE TUTORIAL

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2018

Watch this tutorial to get a thorough understanding of the “G Major Chord”. This is most likely the fourth chord that every ukulele player learns. The first three are “C”, “A Minor” and “F” chords. The chord is used in several songs because it sounds great on ukulele. You would also enjoy playing it on your Ukulele!

Guess, What’s more?

The tutorial is not limited to only telling you about the chord shape but we will also go to dive deep to know what makes the “G Major Chord”. I will also show you all the notes that make up this chord, and also the exact music theory working behind the chord. We will also see how to play the accurate shape all over the fretboard by transposing this chord.

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