Terry Carter

Welcome to Uke Like The Pros.

Uke Like The Pros was created and founded by Terry Carter, a San Diego based ukuleleist, guitarist, songwriter.

Terry has worked with some of finest musicians on the planet including, Weezer, Josh Groban, 2 time Grammy winner composer Christopher Tin (Calling All Dawns), Robbie Krieger (The Doors), and bassist/songwriter Duff McKagan (Guns n' Roses/Velvet Revolver), and producer Charles Goodan (Santana, Rolling Stones). As a composer Terry has written tracks for Scorpion (CBS), Puma, MTV (Trippin’, Wildboyz, and The Real World) and Animal Planet (Pitbulls and Parolees).

As a Producer Terry has worked with Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, The Ron Escheté Trio: LIVE at Carter’s Coyote Pass Studiosd, Ron Escheté and Howard Alden: 7 String Genius’s (DVD/CD), Wirechoir: Release The Fury (CD), Terry Carter: L.A. Christmas Vol. 1 (CD), Ocean Tribe: The Zen of Rock & Roll (CD), Charles Sharp 6: Exits (CD), iPerform 3D: Guitar instructional lessons and videos (Online), Zildjian: Drum instructional lessons and videos (Online)

Terry received a Master of Music from University of Southern California: Los Angeles, California in Studio/Jazz Guitar and a Bachelor of Music from San Diego State University: San Diego, California in Music education.



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