How Easy is it to Learn Ukulele

My views on Easier Learning

Like everybody I also wait for the Sundays. The day when I can simply relax in my backyard, enjoy with my wife and kids. Other than this, my Sunday always has that 1 hour in which I just sit in my study, reading different authors, magazines and thinking about different things happening in the world.

This past Sunday When I was reading a magazine, a quote just caught my eye. And in just a few seconds after reading it my mind went on a journey of justifying it. It said- “I asked life why are you so difficult?” Life smiled and said, “You people never appreciate easy things’’

Do we really do not? I mean everybody in the life appreciate easy things. Then I started seeing the other side of the coin. The Author of this quote tried to tell that easy things do not bring big success in life.

Now, this second side also contradicted my mind. Why can’t they? The thing with me is that I always try to relate the things to my life. And I, while preparing or delivering a lecture to my students always try to make them as simple as possible. I try to make the things short and easier for them.

So, if my lectures are easy and simple, are they not bringing any good to my students? Looking at my past students and their achievements, I think my lectures have worked well for them.

Therefore, to find the answer to this web of questions, I carried my thinking in mind till Monday until I conducted a feedback survey regarding my online ukulele lessons. I put some simple questions in front of my students regarding how do they like my teachings? and do they find them easier?

It took 2 days until I got the feedback of almost 90 percent of my students. Many interesting answers came in front of me, but not to my surprise everybody felt that my lessons were easier than the other platforms available online. Most of them thought that I make their learning easier by breaking a hard composition into 2-3 simpler ones.

In another feedback I found a very interesting was of the person who I have just started giving lessons to. He mentioned that he wanted the things to be easier as long as they can compete effectively with the hard ones. And yes! This was the answer that changed my perspective of looking at my teaching.

Now I focus not only on making easy online ukulele lessons but also making them effective so that my students can compete with the so-called hard methods.

So, my advice to my students and everybody who is reading this article is to ‘FOLLOW EASY’ in the life.


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