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Dario Corral

David Lowe

Kelly Kaminskas


Maria Calfa-DePaul

Mary J. Wisniewski 

Will Peralta

Carl May

Wayne Stills

β€œTerry you are a supercharged music entity..Holy cow .. I'll be getting in on that course for sure..I have 3 great Ponos now ...they all sound different ..Just want to thank you was fortunate tonight to get some strumming practise in and I have to say I was a counter before but your approach has really improved my ability to maintain tempo which previously I would get lost in.I like the challenge of finger style but in order to not drive my wife crazy looks like your strumming help may prevent a divorce..lol ”

Steve and Cindy McIlvaine

“We met Terry in San Diego when we were in the area visiting our son. Terry took the time to meet with us and introduced Cindy to his Koaloha guitarlele which she fell in love with. She had developed some arthritis in her left hand which made it difficult to still play the guitar. The guitarlele was the perfect replacement…still the volume of six strings but much more manageable and comfortable in her hand. We saved our pennies and bought one from Terry a few months later. Our experience with Terry and his ULTP team has been top tier! We have taken several of his courses and highly recommend them. His teaching style is encouraging, kind, and incremental. Each lesson has had just enough material to challenge us to keep moving forward becoming more proficient on each of our instruments. Thankful to be part of the ULTP family!”

Jessica Quinley

“Your classes have been so incredibly helpful! My son really connects with music and neither my husband nor I are musical, so I decided I needed to learn an instrument. One of my favorite things growing up was listening to my brother play his guitar and I want my kids to grow up with music being played in their home. I decided to choose ukulele because the sound is so joyful (and as I’ve learned through your courses, versatile) and it’s very easy to travel with (we move around a bit). I searched YouTube and felt so overwhelmed by all that was available until I found your channel. You have such a clear teaching plan and I know what is expected of me in the courses. Thank you for all the preproduction you put into your training. You’ve helped me fall in love with playing the ukulele and now learning it for myself, not just my son. I look forward to your lessons everyday. Thank you for all the effort you have put into your courses. ”

Jennifer Foster


I have not been playing ukulele for very long and at first, struggled just fumbling around on YouTube trying to learn things. Then I found your lessons and they were transforming. They met me right where I was and gave me direction, hope, and a belief that maybe I really could learn the ukulele. I can't believe how far I've come by learning from you, and this amazing group of supportive people you have built feel more like a familiar family.

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into teaching us, inspiring us, and CHALLENGING us every week.
What all do you need from me?


Roylin Picou

Once upon a time this keyboard player strongly desired to learn how to play the guitar but I found most guitars too BIG and painful to play! I tried the Ukulele but I found most of them to be too small.. While on my Quest to find the Perfect stringed instrument. A Guitarlele leapt into my world! But as I searched YouTube and the Internet I couldn't find any tutorials on how to play this gorgeous instrument. Then out of nowhere I came across Terry Carter via Ukelike the Pros on YouTube and saw he was offering a Guitarlele course! Well the rest is BLISStory! Terry this course is Godsend for me! My cup runneth over with Joy, bliss, beauty, learning,creativity and Fun! I wake up and go to sleep thinking about what I'm going to learn next! Thank you Terry

Sue Lofgre


"I am so glad I found your site! I probably spend at least 4 hours a day watching your lessons and practicing.

I'm still at the beginning stage but it gives me a lot to look forward too.

I have spent a year jumping around on YouTube trying to find someone who could teach me how to play in a way that I could follow.

I don't know how to read music but now I am learning.

You really are an amazing teacher and I trulyappreciate your willingness to share your talents!"

Marianna Gröschl

Peter Bailey

Ron Strums

Marialejandra Araujo

Will Peralta

Roylin Picou

Keith Young

Sir, Terry I just wanted to thank you ever so much for everything you post on Facebook and on Uke like the pros. I am 56 and have always wanted to play music but could never seem to get " IT ". You make it attainable, your teachings are like no other on the web. I have been at playing for two months now and ain't never going to stop thanks to all your incite. You are my Guru, meaning a spiritual teacher, especially one who imparts initiation. In closing, all I can say is Uke On!  


Peter Bailey

“I am so glad I found your site! I probably spend at least 4 hours a day watching your lessons and practicing. I'm still at the beginning stage but it gives me a lot to look forward too and I have spent a year jumping around on YouTube trying to find someone who could teach me how to play in a way that I could follow. (I don't know how to read music but now I am learning )You really are an amazing teacher and I truly appreciate your willingness to share your talents!!””

Ian Trotter 

“If your serious about playing the Ukulele then the Ukelikethepros.com website is the "Dogs Bollocks." It's structured, professional and fun. Just makes me want to learn more. Terry I wish you all the success in the world, and thank you for sharing your expertise with us. Absolutely Brilliant !! ”

John F.

Thanks again Terry. I'm a firm believer that whatever our career is, we can really change lives. It's how we interact with each other.

You do such a great job of this. You happen to have a career that is around the one thing most people wake up to; drive around with; spice up parties with; lounge around with; celebrate to and fall asleep to: MUSIC. They are around it ALL DAY LONG. Now they can CREATE IT. How awesome is that?!?!

You are spreading the power and love of music. I was telling my wife last night that when I get some songs just right a tear almost comes to my eye because it sounds so beautiful and there is power in creating powerful music. You do that for THOUSANDS of people. I hope you remember the power of your work. It's about the impact on souls not just well produced notes.

Thank you for that!

Linda Jones

Greetings Terry!

I'm pretty new to the ukulele and am so happy that I stumbled upon your website. I've learned more in the last week of being a Premium Member, than in the last few months of trying to figure it out on my own by watching YouTube! I'm really enjoying your easy approach and teaching style.

Thank you Terry. I appreciate that you are making yourself accessible for all us newbies with such rudimentary questions. And again, thank you for offering such great, detailed, easy to follow courses that even a no previous musical knowledge total beginner like me can understand and follow.


Colleen Carroll

"Literally was perfect. The videos were short but not too short. Kept my attention, gave me direction andpractice but I could squeeze one in if I only had a few minutes. The pacing was great. The clarity wasexcellent in terms of being able to see whatyou’re doing as well as your explanations. It was fun. I loved thatwe learned a little about the chords, the strumming and reading music. It was appropriately repetitive whereneeded but not too repetitive. It wasn’t stressful but relaxing tho made me want to put effort into getting better and remembering the chords.You’re a great teacher! And I’m a career educator and teacher evaluator by trade so I am a tough critic!"


#TheProChallenge - 21 songs Challenge

Performance Mastery Workshop 

Walt Davis

"Again, thanks for the great instruction you provide.  It has really helped me  physically (and mentally) get back to life.  I had turned into a couch potato and was feeling sorry for myself because of my physical challenges, but now with my interest in the ukulele I feel better and better every day!"

Caroline Thomas

“I love the diversity of the material; songs, fingerpicking, different styles of blues and rock. It lays a good foundation for general knowledge, technique and also which styles I prefer to play and would like to continue with in the future. I've been working on the course for several months. It’s a fun and easy-going course while being challenging and making us students set goals for ourselves and our playing. You should know you are an amazing teacher and there’s never a boring moment. You are one of my favorite teachers of all time. Uke Like The Pros is perfect for those who want to develop their ukulele playing and bring it to the next level, while having fun at the same time. The diversity of this course helped me find which styles I really love playing.”

Bruce Walsh

Hi Terry, from down under. I'm really glad you put this together. I have resisted learning music properly, always preferring to "just play", but now I am playing in five different ukulele groups, and I find that to "play well with others" you really have to know the timing and keep to time, be able to read both music and tabs, and be able to strum in time with everyone else. Metronomes and backing tracks are essentials. So, congratulations on producing yet another great course, and I look forward to making my way through it......slowly, as ever. Keep going until you master it, then you too can "Uke Like the Pros

Garry Wood

“I have been playing the Uke for about 4 years now and  found Terry Carter @UkeLikethePros a couple of years ago when he was doing a video a day. I now consider myself to be playing at an Intermediate level I can now play a lot of chords, transpose Keys, play and sing together, write chord progressions for songs, play scales and apply finger-picking patterns. I had looked at a lot of other online resources and still use some of those (Cynthia Lin and Ukulele Underground) but signed up and paid cash for ULTP membership as well. This has been money very well spent and is (relatively) inexpensive compared to face to face lessons. Apart from excellent, structured tutorials for learning posture, chords, picking, strumming and different styles of music (Blues, Jazz) the main thing that made ULTP stand out for me was the music theory courses.   I have completed (or am still doing) these courses which provide an important baseline for me to be able to now play in groups / ensembles and develop skills to do instrumentals / solos. The weekly meetings are great (even though I don't usually attend because it's broadcast in the middle of the night in Australia) I can catch up by reviewing the video. There is always something new on offer (techniques, gear, sight playing) and it provides an opportunity to answer specific questions and engage with other members. The trial membership offers and plenty of material that he has released so you can assess the quality of his instruction before you commit $$. Bear in mind that Terry has constantly improved the quality of his videos and conferencing interactions since the early days so the more recent posts are your best indication of what is now on offer (if you see him in his beach gear then its one from early days). Highly recommend him to any beginners or Intermediate aspirants .... let me know if you've found anyone better”

Steve Potter

I am 70 years old and for some reason I decided two years ago to learn how to play the Ukulele. I made all the normal choices and practically lived on youtube trying every idea I could find and getting no where because I ended up confusing myself.  And then, somehow or another I ran into TERRY CARTER. I don't know how I found you, but since I did I haven't stop smiling. You have taught me more about music, rhythm and technique then I could have ever learned by my self.  You have become one of my favorite people in the whole world. Your patience and just your overall style of communicating with beginners like myself make me really happy I decided to learn to play. 

Jeanette Brooke

I picked up a ukulele a couple of months back in a local store. It was only £23 and I must say it was the best purchase I have ever made.  Stumbling on this new pastime has had such a positive impact on my life.  I now have something fun and constructive to do on the days where I physically am unable to do much at all.  Gone are the feelings of frustration and despair at the limitations my body has put on me. These have now been replaced with joy and a real sense of achievement when I've learnt a new chord or got one of your strum patterns 'down'. 

It is always good to learn something new and to keep the old brain cells active. I can honestly say that this is more than a pastime, it's my therapy.  I am confident that many other people in a similar position to myself would find it beneficial. 

 I do apologize for rambling on a bit.  I just wanted to share with you the positive influence that my ukulele and your 'Uke Like the Pros' website has had on me. 

Thank you Terry and all the best.