What is a 6th?

Being a ukulele learner you should never stop exploring and should keep asking questions to yourself and your mentors. A few days back, one of my students came up with a great question- What is a 6th?

Well! I hope you have watched all the videos and till now you have also started wondering different things about the ukulele. When the question was asked I instantly thought to make a tutorial explaining it.

Actually, a 6th stands for the interval between 2 notes. But what is an interval? Sounds like a question too! Just watch the complete tutorial and you will find answers to all such questions.

In the tutorial, I have elaborated each and every element by taking a suitable example. Also, it is my advice to all the viewers to only follow the fingers that I am using in the lesson.

Watch the full tutorial and start wondering what your next question is?

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Learning the Easiest Ukulele Chord

Good news for all the ukulele lovers! The Chord Mania series is back, and this time with all the 4K videos. In this particular video tutorial, we are going to discuss one of the very first chords that the newbies tend to learn on a ukulele i.e.”A Minor”.

I know this is one of the easiest chords to play even as a beginner, but this is what the chord mania series is all about. I try to touch every basic element, so as to help you master the things easily.

Like all the Chord Mania lessons, I will try to show you the main shape of the “A Minor”. I will also show you all the notes and the major scales related to it.

The most important part of the lesson is moving the chord about the neck. For being a good ukulele player, it is very important that you master the art of moving the chord up and down as this is very crucial while learning the bar chords.

So, try to master all the points discussed in the tutorial to learn the next chord lessons in an easier way.


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Ukulele Tricks Play Uke Like Johnny Cash

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The Mindset of Success

The Mindset of Success

Beings successful means different things to different people. Some people find success in spending time with their family, some people find success in making a lot of money while others find success if they are playing music or doing the things they love.

Defining what is success will be a topic we dive into later but right now I want to talk about the mindset of success.

I believe this is so important since many of us are still working at life and trying to determine when can you say “I’m Successful.”

I want to tell you that weather you have reached your highest pinnacle or not you can have the mindset of success.

Let me tell you what I mean and give you some examples of it from my own life.

First of all whatever it is you are trying to achieve in life, weather it’s get that perfect body, get that perfect job or change the world, there is already a blueprint out there on how to do it.

There is already someone out there who has done...

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Online Ukulele Lessons – What to expect

What to expect from online ukulele lessons?

Once you decide to play the ukulele, then you can expect that you have made the right decision. Being one of the easiest instruments to learn from some top sites for online ukulele lessons will be a good idea. This instrument is comparatively easier to learn because it has 4 strings in comparison to a guitar. Both the adults and children of any age group can play this wonderful instrument. As it is easy to use, which is why many individuals take online courses and made ukulele as their first choice.

Ukulele lessons

Learning ukulele lessons is not at all tough, but in order to succeed you should completely master this instrument within a time frame. There are many top sites for online ukulele lessons who make it much easier and fun to learn. The successful completion of this course depends totally upon your serious commitment, through practice, and a certain degree of musical talent. In addition to this, the most important difference...

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Ukulele Strum Patterns that Beginners Need To Know

One of the most important things you need to do properly as a ukulele player is strum.

Weather your a beginner or long time ukulele player, weather you play at home or in a ukulele group, strumming is most likely the thing you do most. 

The thing that I have noticed is that many people just pick up a ukulele and strum what come natural to them. The problem with this approach is that most people's natural instincts are wrong.

They use improper technique which limits their talents and could cause injury.

Since I am dedicated to making you the best ukulele player that you can be, I created this video to help address the main strumming problems.

In this video I will give you 3 tips that will help you become a great strummer on the uke.

We will discuss:

  1. Which finger to use when strumming
  2. Where to strum on the ukulele
  3. Looseness and flexibility of the wrist

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The Way You Approach Anything Is The Way You Approach Everything

I was watching a YouTube video that was sent to me by one of my students, Brian, who is a Sales Supervisor at Mercedes.

It's funny because somehow my personal email ended up on Brian's group email that he sends to his team everyday. This was the 4th day in a row that I had gotten an email from him and I was actually going to ask him to take me off the list.

But, I figured that I must have been send this email for a reason so I decided to click on the link and watch the video.

Part of the video was a commencement speech by Dr. Rick Rigsby. I had never heard of Dr. Rigsby before but his message was so powerful I had to watch it several times.

He gave many great words of wisdom to live by but there is one that really hit me hard, "The way you do anything, is the way that you do everything." 

Whenever I hear these kind of quotes that really speak to me, I get goosebumps and it prompts me to take a second and write it down in my iPhone notes "journal".

I instantly began to...

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10 Most Important Ukulele Chords

Playing a song on ukulele is really a fun activity. There are many artists who can play almost any song on the ukulele. This is because of their knowledge about the instrument and the hard work they have put in to achieve this knowledge. No doubt, there is no alternative to the hard work and experience but there are certain chord progressions which are used in most of the songs with slight variations. By learning these progressions, it will be easy for you to learn to play new songs.


Here are some of the common chords you should know as a ukulele player:

1.    C major

2.    A minor

3.    F major

4.    G major

5.    A major

6.    E minor

7.    D minor

8.    F#/Gb minor

9.    D major

10.    E major

These are some of the most common ukulele chords that you should know before following up any chord progression. Learning them is very...

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