The Beginning

Welcome to the Uke Like The Pros BLOG. This is the story of Uke Like The Pros.

My name is Terry Carter and I am a Los Angeles (most recently San Diego) based ukuleleist, guitarist, songwriter, and the creator ofUke Like The Pros and Rock Like The Pros. I first began playing ukulele back in the early 1990’s (full disclosure, 1992) when he took a music education class at Grossmont College in San Diego. The teacher had us buy a ukulele because we were told that it’s a great instrument to play while teaching music classes. I learned some chords and the basics, but didn’t really play it that often once the class ended.

I got inspired to play ukulele again by two of my close friends, Tony Gamble and Alex Cepeda. Tony is an incredible guitar player that began playing shred ukulele. It is some of the most incredible uke playing you will see; sweep picking, fast arpeggios, blazing scales, the works. Alex Cepeda is one of my surf buddies and has shaped several surfboards for...

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