Double Stops Ukulele Lesson - F Major Scale

Welcome Back to Chord Mania! In this tutorial, you will master the art of playing the F major scale using double stops. The F major scale does not go too high and so can be played on most ukuleles. This scale differs from all others because it can be played horizontally unlike others that are played vertically. If you watch my video carefully and follow my fingerings, it will be fairly simple to play this chord.

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Country Ukulele Licks - Pedal Steel Uke Tutorial | 4K

This Ukulele tutorial is specially meant for the Merle Haggard fans! I will explain how you can play the classic pedal steel country lick on your ukulele. These beats are a part of songs like ‘Bottle let me down’ by Merle. In fact, Merle would himself be surprised at the ukulele version of his song! Although it is a pretty cool lick but has its own set of challenges like slides, bends, and releases. Playing this cool lick in my pink shirt enhances the effect!

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Advanced Strum Ukulele Lesson | Triplet Pattern | 4K

Let us continue our musical journey on mastering the art of strumming the ukulele. In this lesson, I will teach you the triplet strum pattern with the help of 7th chords. A triplet strum pattern implies playing 3 notes per beat.

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Before you begin the course on the triplet pattern, you will need to bear certain things in mind:

You will need to keep your strumming wrist in a relaxed and comfortable position.

The roll should be continuous and balanced.

You should start slow and build up your speed as you get more confident with the pattern.

Once you are set, let’s begin this tutorial with the G7 ukulele chord. The fingering of the G7 chord is:


Open 4th string

2nd finger on the 2nd fret of the 3rd string

1st finger on the 1st fret of the 2nd string

3rd finger on the 2nd fret of the 1st string

Now that you know the fingering positions, let me explain how to count the triplet. It is quite simple:...

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How To Play Chuck Berry Johnny B Goode Ukulele Tutorial | 4K

Want to learn to play a cool Chuck Berry lick on the ukulele in the style of Johnny B. Goode? If so I got you covered.

This tutorial focuses on the main riff that can be heard on many Chuck Berry songs, including Johnny B. Goode, Roll Over Beethoven, and Carol. This lick is an essential component of every great blues ukulele and guitar players from Jimmy Page to Jake Shimabukuro.

For this ukulele lesson, I have transposed the song from Chuck’s original key of Bb to D. The key of D sits better on the ukulele than the key Bb. The techniques you will learn are double stops, slides, and hammer-ons.

The cool thing about the ukulele is that once you have this lick memorized in the key of D, all you have to do must do is move it up and down the neck to transpose it to different keys.

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Easy Ukulele Chord Tutorial| A7 Chord Mania!!! Tutorial | 4K

In this Chord Mania!!! Video we will learn an easy ukulele chord. Matter of fact this chord may be one of the easiest one on the ukulele. In this 4K video tutorial, I am going to show you how to play an essential shape for all ukulele players, the A7 chord.

The reason why this chord is easy for even a beginner to play is because it only requires one finger. You place your first finger on the 3rd string, 1st fret while playing strings 4, 2, and 1 open.

The A7 chord produces a great jazzy/bluesy sound and is great over a Blues in A or jazz standard.

The notes that make up the A7 chord are A – C# - E – G. Notice because this chord is a seventh chord it has 4 notes in it, verses a triad which only has 3 notes in it.

We can also slide this chord shape up and down the neck but it does turn into a bar chord which is hard for some beginners to play. When you play this shape on different parts of the neck you need to remember where the root is. In the A7 chord the root is on...

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Minor Pentatonic Ukulele | C Minor Scale | 4K

Are you ready to learn one of the coolest scales played on the ukulele? In this 4K ukulele tutorial we will dive into the C Minor Pentatonic Scale. This scale is designed to help you improve your technique and give you a tool to start improvising.

Although you can play your soprano, concert or tenor ukulele for this lesson, I do recommend playing it on a uke with a low G. I will be using my KoAloha tenor.

Learning how to play a solo is one of the most common questions students want to know. It’s much easier than many of us imagine but there are a few tips and tricks that I will show you in this video.

First you must get this C Minor Pentatonic Scale memorized. Until you have it both in your fingers and in your ear, it’s hard to use it creatively.

Second, you must play it will good time and feel. It has to be smooth and effortless and that only comes with hard work and practice

Although you can play the C Minor Pentatonic in the open position, I decided to teach this...

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Bossa Nova Ukulele Strumming Tutorial

Something interesting for all ukulele lovers! Uke Like The Pros brings you a cool tutorial for those ready to learn a Brazilian style rhythm. In this lesson, you will learn how to strum a Bossa Nova pattern.

I know learning fingerstyle ukulele is hard as a beginner. But don’t worry! I’m going to show you the easiest way to strum this Bossa Nova rhythm using the index finger. Be sure to follow fingerings that I give you in the lesson.

Typically, the Bossa Nova pattern will use an alternating bass pattern but this really only sounds good if you have a low G on the 4th string. What I have done in this lesson is arrange it so it sounds good on any low or high G tenor, soprano or concert ukulele.

Another cool technique is to play the rhythm staccato (short) to help give it an authentic sound.

So, try to catch all the points discussed in the tutorial and once you master the Bossa Nova strumming you can apply this rhythm to any chord progression you like.
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Easy Ukulele Chords Tutorial- C Major

Are you ready to learn easy ukulele chords? The Chord Mania!!! series is back, this time with all 4K videos. In this video tutorial, I am going to discuss how to play the very first chord that most ukulele players learn, the C Major chord.

This is one of the most important chords to play both as a beginner or master. As in the entire Chord Mania!!! series I will show you how to play the chord shape, but also show you all the notes that make up this wonderful chord.

What’s more to learn?

First, you learn the main shape of the C Major chord, followed by the notes that make up the chord. We will also see the relationship between the notes of C Major chord and the C Major scale.

Like other Chord Mania!!! lessons, once we get down the shape of the C chord, I will show you how you can slide up and down the ukulele neck so that you can play any major chord that you need.

Here are the 3 main points you want to take from this lesson: (1) memorize the shape of the C Major chord...

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Ukulele D Major Chords Tutorial for Beginner

Ready to learn your next ukulele chord? Brace yourself as we learn one of the most difficult chords played on the ukulele.

My plan was to introduce this chord a bit later in the series, but a conversation with one of my students changed my mind. My student has followed all the Chord Mania!!! videos and was curious to know “what is the most difficult ukulele chord?” 

I could have thought of a very hard chord that has a big stretch and nearly impossible to play. Or I could have thought of a bar chord which many people struggle with. 

But, I thought that if this student, who is a beginner, wanted to know this info, then others ukulele players probably would want to know what the toughest chord is.

So I decided to film this uke tutorial on the D major chord, which is now online.

In the video, I discuss all the details from the fingering used, the notes in the chord, and how to move up and down the neck effectively.

This video will also help you get ready for...

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The Passing of Ukulele Ray (my personal story)

I am very saddened upon hearing the news that Ukulele Ray has passed.

About 6 months ago I started getting replies to some of my Instagram posts from someone named Ukulele Ray. He had seen my Instagram posts and since we were both located in San Diego he invited me up his house to jam.

At the time I had never heard of Ukulele Ray, but based on his posts I could tell he was quite a character. We communicated back and forth, but were unable to get together.

A month later I got another message from him, inviting to come jam with him at a gig he had somewhere in San Diego. It sounded fun, but I was out of town and unable to make it.

Through social media, I was starting to get more familiar with Ukulele Ray. He liked every one of my posts and his photos showed up on my Instagram feed every day.

Around December 2017, he again invited me to come and jam with him at his studio. Again, it was something that interested me, but it just didn't work out.

In January...

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